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Unrivaled Medicine God

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Chapter 2596 – Pandemonium! fool inject
Which may only suggest that this thing was introduced by Ye Yuan himself!
The entire Martial Secure Divine Sect knew regarding it.
Because of the aspect, s.h.i.+ Feiyu’s phrase could not guide transforming dark.
On Going Cloud Optimum, powerhouses accumulated.
Only elder-degree Jade Sovereign Heaven powerhouses could spread it because of their intense energy.
“Sect Grasp, this cloud of dense light up is extremely formidable! We can’t get shut down whatsoever! I’m frightened that this foe has attacked!” A purple-wing protector stumbled on document.
They had never listened to before that Windward Topple could actually be so strong, ready to even have an impact on Jade Sovereign Heaven powerhouses!
Even some senior citizens who have been reclusive and did not arise had been also alarmed.
This d.a.m.n dude truly did it!
huhuhu, hahaha
Even some seniors who were reclusive and did not come up had been also alarmed.
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“Wait!” The protector obtained not still left yet but was halted by Feng Xuanyi again.
He failed to assume that Ye Yuan actually got these kinds of horrifying energy!
He snorted coldly and said, “What else are we able to do? All senior citizens hear up! All of you rise the top together and spread the poisonous light up! Others, keep where you stand and watch for orders!”
Even some elders who were reclusive and failed to arise were actually also alarmed.
But this gentleman was actually lawless and unbridled.
This Ye Yuan was actually shameless to your intense!
Perfect at the moment, somebody else came to statement, “Sect Learn, things are all poor! That dense smoke cigarettes went along with the breeze, and also it definitely floated to Sweeping Cloud Top!”
Unrivaled Medicine God
That protector mentioned, “Today, just after Elder Ye complete providing recommendations to everyone’s capsule refinement, he explained which he was going to coach Wu Chengchao on your own! Afterward, both of them went up Skywater Maximum, without any one saw him once again!”
At the rear of Feng Xuanyi, Luo Yunqing came out, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with dealing with purpose while he reported, “Sect Grasp, I’m going to Skywater Highest!”
Luo Yunqing smiled bitterly and claimed, “Although their symptoms are exactly the same as Windward Topple, this poison is actually extremely effective! Even if I increased, I also noticed quite irritating!”
Feng Xuanyi’s expression was awful too, however in the his cardiovascular system, he currently accepted of Luo Yunqing’s opinion.
On Flowing Cloud Maximum, powerhouses harvested.
Feng Xuanyi’s gaze converted slightly dim and he claimed, “Go and explain to all elders to attend Flowing Cloud Optimum and wait orders!”
When Feng Xuanyi observed that, he was taken back again initially, then smiled faintly, and turned into a peal of roaring laughter all things considered.
Luo Yunqing drew a deep inhale and said in a very solemn speech, “They are typical high-quality. It is just that they are poisoned, their entire system spasming endlessly! Looking at the physical appearance, it must be … Windward Topple!”
Feng Xuanyi’s phrase was grim until it turned out almost dripping drinking water.
When Feng Xuanyi heard that, he was taken lower back initial, then smiled faintly, and turned into a peal of roaring fun in the long run.
Feng Xuanyi’s gaze transformed slightly darkish, in which he reported in the frosty tone of voice, “Go and cook promptly! Start the sect protecting great assortment and match the foe!”